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eToys Share - Games and Toys for Kids happiness

The methods of keeping kids happy and teach them with games and toys.

The purpose of this is to evaluate the traditional method of teaching as well as multimedia teaching and to suggest the others useful teaching method that can be attempted in imparting knowledge to the kids when there is a willingness in any field creativity can be developed and innovation benefits both students and teachers.

We at Kids camp also believe in innovative teaching techniques and making teaching fun-filled and easy is our aim. For which we use techniques like


Different types of Activities which can keep the kids happy and encourage to learn by playing. 

Different Summer activities like---

  • Camp food - Way to make new friends.
  • Kids Yoga - Method of winning the world.
  • Mud pies - Bring them the touch of earth. 
  • Summer Camps activities - Way to know how to camp.
  • Beach craft - Bring the heart to beyond limit.
  • Fun snacks for kids - Eat with fun.
  • Camp crafts - Way to making own camp.
  • Easy sewing for kids - Way of teaching how to sew.
  • Farm activities - Grow food for own.
  • Sidewalk and chalk art - Way of adopting. 

 Outdoor Activities --

  • Snowman Crafts - Tolerate the tough weather. 
  • Paper Plates Crafts - Way to showing creativity.
  • Butterflies - The touch of beautiful nature.
  • Coloring games for kids - Make the life colorful.
  • Nature crafts - Grow inside nature.
  • Trains games for kids - Introduce with vehicles.
  • Duct tape crafts
  • Treasure hunt - Make them curious. 

 Indoor Activities --

  • Crafts idea for kids - How to generate an idea.
  • Kids Music - Introduce with music or sound. 
  • Fun kids game - Through the tension up and enjoy the life. 

 Important playground Activities --

  • Racing games for kids - Life is a race.
  • Toys racing for kids - How to control surroundings. 
  • RC racing for kids - Set the target and win the target. 
  • Ball games for kids - Physical fitness.
  • Lawn gaming - How to adjust with a small area.
  • Flying kites - Controlling the thing from far away. 
  • Chinese bamboo walking  - Use others shoes if necessary.