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The list of games which bring unlimited fun to kids 

Hula hoop game














Hula hoop

Hula hoops activities can be real fun and challenging too. Hopping, skipping and jumping is a very good fun game for the kids. Kids can place many hula hoops one after another and go from one to the other by hopping, skipping and jumping. Jumping in and out is another hula loop activities. Loops are placed few feet apart and the kids challenge one another to follow commands like jumping forward or backward or with closed eyes. For playing Ring around the Rosies, the kids form a big circle and move the loop around singing the song in loud chorus.

water game

Water games

Water games are great ways to be sure that the kids are having great funs and will stay healthy. There are many games that can be played. To play the mirror game makes a group of two facing each other in the pool. One of the partner’s acts and the other mimics it as if you are seeing a mirror image. Underwater humming is another funny water game where one partner hums a favorite tune ducking under water and the other has to name it. Playing starfish tag can offer loads of fun. Once someone is tagged, he has to stand still till set free by others.

Racing game

Racing games for kids

Kids can take part in the Newspaper Race. Kids stand on one sheet of newspaper and lay the other in the front and step on it and follow the sequence to the turning point and up to returning to the starting point. Who moves fast wins. Tunnel Relay is another interesting kid game. The kids stand astride and the runners crawl under the legs of all team members and then run forward to the turning point and tag the second kid who follows the same sequence. Kids can also play Spider Race when two kids stand with their backs touching and run.

RC racing game

RC racing games

Now a day’s time of technology and kids are by born thrill lovers. If some toys can bring entertainment and thrill with introducing of toys then it must count as all in one.

Outdoor activities with toys are really a good idea to bring more joy to kids. There are lots of toys in the market like RC Helicopter, RC Quadcopter , RC Car, RC truck , RC train and so on. It can be a wise decision to arrange a competition of RC race. The race with RC helicopter is really an exciting moment of enjoyment. These types of toys help the kids to be interested about technology and science.

Ball game for kids

Ball games for kids

Ball Relay is a classic ball game option that provides both funs and challenges to the kid participating. Kids can dribble a ball through the course to play this game. Tunnel Ball is another interesting ball game for the kids. To play kids stand in row with legs apart. One of the kids rolls the ball to pass it completely through the tunnel and stand in the row when the next kid follows the sequence. Name Ball is for large number of kids. To play the kids form a ring and one of them toss a ball in the air calling some other kid who has to catch the ball. The sequence is followed for all.


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